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Software for Accommodation management

We heard your voice, we felt your need and we will continue to do so. If you have a need, let us know about it and we will figure out a solution to fix your problem.

Meanwhile, get to know all the features that we already considered.

AI Hospitality
AI Hospitality

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Meet the Hospitality AI Assistant

Every hotel manager deserves it

From automating repetitive tasks to things that you didn’t even
think about. Constantly learning from you and improving.

Research future Events in your city

Get reminders when things are getting hot in your area so you can get ready for more guests.

Automatic Tasks

Just validate the assistant recommendations if they are useful and ignore the rest.

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Train Your Staff

Using the platform

Set all the training procedures the way you need it and improve as often as you need. Let the new team member go through all of it while you handle your daily operations.

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Transform your team

In a happy community!

Ensure a better communication between the hotel departments while making all the daily operations easier. Train, assign tasks, update everyone’s calendar and much more. Retain their work.

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Hire Like a Pro

When you need new players

Retain resumes, send the recruiting platform a link that will help you keep the candidates overview with us.

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Hotel Data in your Laptop

Overall view of the business

No more files, folders, pen, papers, notebooks. All in just one screen. We know you’ve been craving this.

We'll carry your weight for you!

Data Storage

Clients, contracts, resumes, income/expenses, employees, salaries, inventory – just to name a few.

Marketing Training

Check your online hotel visibility and learn from the best about how to get a better visibility.

Communicate as never before

Make announcements for your department, chat or let them know what has to be done.

We’ll take care of your data!

Modern Design

Easy to use and even easier to learn. Shortly, you will wonder how you’ve lived without it.

Keep the hotel inventory on sight

It seems like things are disappearing? They’re probably just lost. Make the team members responsible and keep the data on sight.

Easy Customization

Customize. Almost everything as you need it. Each hotel is different, each manager is different, each owner is different.

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It is time to take care of the laundry. In house, with our help. From 100 euro/month for 5 users.

Affordable Hospitality Solutions

In less words, save money and time. Multiple solutions, that are not designed for hospitality, belong in the past. Forget about using the pen & paper solution also.

We know it would be nice to keep your data in one place, place that can also give you access to everything else. Seems complicated to have, but it really isn’t. We made it fully customizable just to make sure you can get things how you like it. 

Each hotel is different, each manager is different.

Software for independent Hotels

Accommodation Management Technology

Hotel Housekeeping APP

Any hotelier knows how important is the housekeeping department in a hotel. However, is pretty hard to cover everything.

Hotel Frontdesk Management

Communication between shifts is one of the problems? We have the solution to that and much more.

Hotel Maintenance APP

Hard to keep track of all the issues in the property? Tired of making lists that never gets solved?

Hotel CRM Software

In the sales department, an employee who leaves is an actual nightmare. That you’ve been paying for.

Hotel Management

Not having a comprehensive view makes it even harder. This is a tool for professional managers so they can actually have some free time.

Hotel Staff

Salaries, their contact informations, advance payments, their birthdays – quite an amount of data to remember.

Hotel Room Inventory

In the old times, hoteliers used to write them in a Word file, print it and fix it on the door. That was messy, so now it sits in the room folder.

Hotel Stocks

There are things that are totally not worthy of an accountant, but we still want to know all about it. 

Hotel Staff Hiring & Training

If you lose resumes and phone numbers all the time, welcome to our world. If you train the new staff and they leave before it’s even finished, then my friend, you need us.